Build your most effective digital marketing strategy

Build your most effective digital marketing strategy
December 25, 2021

Build your most effective digital marketing strategy

We are near the end of this year – and the festive season is a time when people often spend their money on gifts and shopping. Pandemic has caused specific changes in holiday shopping habits, and this is why your company might need to change its online strategy.

Thousands and thousands of businesses are vying for clients’ attention over the holiday season.

To stand out, you will have to upgrade digital marketing efforts. As e-commerce sales are expected to grow over 15%, a solid digital marketing strategy has become vital for businesses.

What is holiday shopping going to look like this year?

Many companies have previously closed down physical stores. Some restrictions pull them back as they slowly adapt to the new normal. We are talking about restrictions like a limited number of customers and social distancing essential to ensure public safety.

Online shopping is at its peak

Buying products via the internet is more popular than ever. Consumers are conscious of the products they are purchasing more than ever.

This is why your social marketing strategy needs to be planned on time. Planning and launching PPC campaigns and cross-platform campaigns earlier will give your buyers enough time to think. 


Free products and services are always a great idea

When offering promotions during holiday time, consider giving something for free. This is how you can do it properly:

  • Give free points for each purchase. This will encourage shoppers to purchase from you in the future.
  • Free items when customers reach a specific amount of purchase.
  • Free coupons when they interact with email campaigns or social media posts
  • Free shipping
  • Free gift wrapping

Reflect the Holiday Spirit

It is rather wise to think of loyal clients as family and friends when being a business owner.

Retaining a customer has always been cheaper than acquiring a new one. Showing gratitude to loyal customers during the holidays goes a long way.

You may consider giving your most loyal customers a discount code so they can share it with their friends and family.


Start working with influencers

Search through Instagram or even TikTok to find the best Influencers to work with. Make sure they are the ones to represent your brand. Think more about quality than quantity (a number of followers).


Influencers are one of the most popular internet marketing strategies right now because they got the power to encourage people to purchase your products.


Try interactive campaigns

Interactive campaigns have always been a fantastic way to attract customers. As a part of Facebook marketing, you can create interactive campaigns such as quizzes, surveys, or polls for your customers.

You can also make contests – create the one that will give prizes in exchange for actions, such as commenting or sharing a post.

Make a Holiday Hashtag

Don’t forget to make your holiday hashtag or a few of them. Different types of hashtags are performing well on various social media platforms. Create a branded holiday hashtag, and it will give you better engagement and therefore profits throughout the holiday season.




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