Strategies For Boosting Your E-Commerce Sales

Strategies For Boosting Your E-Commerce Sales
June 21, 2021

Strategies For Boosting Your E-Commerce Sales

People who were never involved in creating an e-commerce business have no idea how demanding it is. 

Every day is a new decision, and there are literally billions of things you have to think (and  learn) about.

Finding the right niche.

Finding the suppliers.

Designing the website.

Adding products.

Writing product descriptions.

Creating advertising strategies.

And then…

Managing sales

Managing the returns

Going over and beyond to reduce the shipping time 

And the list goes on. 

No wonder that there is so much mixed information on what conversion strategies you should implement. 

We have built hundreds of successful online stores and here are the 3 proven conversion strategies that helped us boost sales almost instantly (and make the shopping experience pleasant). 

  1. Add the Abandoned Cart Recovery Email to your email automation tool. 

The average Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate of e-commerce websites is 65.23%, which means that shoppers didn’t complete the checkout process 65 times out of 100.

There are multiple reasons for not proceeding with the checkout such as:

  • Hidden costs
  • Too many unnecessary steps
  • Slow website
  • Requiring too much information, and more. 

The good news is that the average e-commerce store manages to recover 40% of abandoned carts with a single email. 

That means that all you have to do to increase your revenue is create a single automatic email that will be sent whenever someone doesn’t complete their purchase.

We’ve already talked about how to craft a perfect abandoned cart recovery email, so make sure that you check it out. 

  1. Be careful with pop up windows on your website

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One of our clients has described the feeling of trying to visit a website that has too many intrusive pop ups 100% accurately. – ‘I feel physical pain whenever I enter a website that has more than 2 pop ups.’

Generally speaking, pop ups are annoying. Irritating. 

Especially when they are covering the whole window, or when we can’t exit it without leaving our email address. ( By the way, those rarely get unpunished by Google)

However, pop ups work. 

Backlinko has doubled his subscribers since it added the exit pop up. 

Popups are a great way for increasing your subscriber base (and hence, your revenue), but only if created the right way. 

Here are some of the proven tactics that you should have in mind when adding pop up windows to your online store: 

  • Delay your pop up windows to let your visitors browse the products first
  • Make it easy for them to exit the pop up 
  • Add exit pop ups, to reduce the cart abandonment rate. 
  • If your visitor is coming from a promo email, don’t annoy them with another pop up asking for their email address. It’s like calling them to ask for their phone number.

One of everyone’s basic needs is convenience. Whether it is shopping, transportation, food, or payments, we need the seamless experience. 

Popups can endanger that experience if not used correctly, so when deciding on which pop up to use, remember – Less IS more. 

  1. Add a Chatbot to your store 

Everyone who’s had a chance to work in retail knows that people always have questions.

A lot of questions. 

Even if you put the big-as-a-house price sign, there would still be someone asking for a price. 

That’s why the FAQ pages are not enough anymore. 

People want information they need within their grasp, and if you are not enabling them that, you will eventually fall behind. 

With a variety of AI Chatbots that you can choose from, you can easily integrate one into your online store, and the chatbot will be able to handle a wide range of conversations and requests from users. 

Recent surveys  claim that chatbots increase sales by 67%, so it’s definitely something worth trying. 

That’s all for today, we are rooting for you, and can’t wait to hear how we helped you increase your sales. 

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Romana J.

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