Effective ways to add FOMO to your marketing strategy

Effective ways to add FOMO to your marketing strategy
March 8, 2022

Effective ways to add FOMO to your marketing strategy

The word FOMO or “Fear of Missing Out” describes the best anxiety consumers feel when excluded from a new experience or a social event. 

Does FOMO in Marketing mean the same?

Psychologists became more aware of FOMO thanks to the influence of social media on our modern lifestyles. A recent research study confirms that 3/4 of Facebook users check their accounts at least once a day. One of the most important triggers of SM engagement is the anxiety associated with missing out.

Although FOMO might sometimes hurt our daily routine, it can inspire people to explore new opportunities and try new things. In this article, we discuss several great tactics to add FOMO to your marketing strategy.

Create Special Offers with a deadline

The limited-time sale has always been a part of marketing. For some companies, periodic sales are a perfect way to boost revenue and reduce storage costs. Still, how buyers respond to this type of sales has persuaded almost all businesses to explore seasonal promotions. 


Highlighting the limited supply of a product encourages shoppers to take action right away. Not only does it suggest that the product is extremely popular, but the shortage of time makes the package look more valuable.

Highlight Limited availability

The knowledge that a customer could miss the great opportunity is enough to create urgency.

Use Social Proof Notifications 

Social Proof notifications show valuable info about what other people are doing on your website. Notifications show how many visitors have viewed a page or how many of them have visited it recently and bought a particular product.

You should try using social proof notification tools like TrustPulse, which shows who is purchasing from you at the moment. If website visitors know precisely what others are purchasing from you, they will want to buy it from you too.

A powerful way to do this is to post and share testimonials on social media posts from existing satisfied customers. After reading about a positive experience other buyers had with your product, they will be more likely to shop it from you.

Show Expired or Sold Out offers

Displaying no longer available deals has a significant effect on customers’ behavior. One of the websites that have experimented the most with showing sold-out offers is Booking.com.

Use Exclusivity 

People love exclusive offers. 

There is something about having access to deals and discounts that others don’t. Limited access makes people feel special, and it is no surprise that exclusivity is an excellent part of FOMO marketing. 

Use a Visible countdown timer

One of the most evident ways to keep the feel of “Urgency” is to make the deadlines as obvious as possible. A countdown timer, especially a visible one, may have a powerful effect on buyers when combined with a special offer.

Write FOMO Marketing Subject Lines 

If you have wondered how to increase Email Open Rates, writing FOMO subject lines could be your answer.

FOMO is an impressive way to attract attention. Only you will have to work a bit harder than “Don’t miss out” or “Only three days left” since your consumers’ inbox is full of emails that start like this.

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