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Engaging email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is one of the cleverest investments for any company.

Whether you’re a local restaurant, retailer, or manufacturing company, you should use email marketing to stay top-of-mind and keep in conversation with your audience.

Sending promotional emails and monthly newsletters will keep business buyers and consumers interested in your brand and ready to purchase your products. Email marketing is a proven and strong technique for customer retention and acquisition.

Zentrix will help you accelerate your brand’s growth and effectiveness through result-driven and engaging email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing isn’t only for delivering your quality content straight to their inbox. We utilize it to reach its full potential of efficiency for data-driven analytics, A/B testing, segmentation, and much more.

How we can help your business:

  • Target specific individuals or particular groups of customers
  • Get people to visit (and revisit) your website or blog
  • Deliver your quality content
  • Substantially increase your income
Target audience

With broad brand awareness or small segmented messaging, we take the same approach to target emails to your customers and your business goals.

A/B testing your emails

Experiment with personalized email campaigns: test your email copy and all subject lines to see what works. Get more of your emails thanks to the diversified content, and turn your custom campaigns into a success.

Our agency is focused on targeting, A/B testing, and optimizing email marketing content to tailor your strategy for clicks and conversions.

Strategy planning

Every email marketing campaign starts with a practical and result-driven strategy plan. We believe the success of a well-delivered email marketing campaign begins with a keen and straightforward strategy.


More than 290 billion emails are sent daily.

This figure is expected to reach 347 billion daily emails by the end of 2023.

Email marketing strategies have changed over the years.

  • Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel, and for every $1 you spend, you can expect a return on your investment of $51.  
  • A successful email marketing strategy is more than tactics. 
  • We let you in behind-the-scenes and share case studies on how we used email marketing to achieve a 94% open rate and 30% click-through rate with three unique email marketing strategies.

Zentrix experts are using proven methods to maintain campaign effectiveness. Understanding your customer and matching relevant content is our expertise.

We utilize clever and strategic tools like advanced segmentation methods to better customer experience with a tailor-made approach.

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