Historical battle between Apple and Facebook

Historical battle between Apple and Facebook
June 16, 2021

Historical battle between Apple and Facebook

It became exciting and quite disappointing for many marketers and small business owners worldwide to watch the new war. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook changed their relationship status to enemies.

You have probably heard of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update that makes nightmares to Facebook’s CEO. 

Question about data tracking is at the center of a historical battle between Apple and Facebook these days. Does anyone want to be tracked? The answer is most likely NO.

Everything is up to Apple users

iPhone and iPad users have installed the latest iOS 14.5, so millions of Apple users had to answer this exact question – Ask App not to track or Allow.

When Apple users open an app like Facebook after this update, they receive a notification. This notification informs them that the App is planning to track them via the internet, but they can refuse the permission.

If they decide to say no to tracking, they turn off the tap of data that many companies and Facebook use to deliver targeted ads. What does this change mean?

Who will suffer from these changes?

On one side, we got Tim Cook declaring that data privacy is a human right, and on the other, Mark Zuckerberg said that this new demand would hurt small businesses the most and raise costs across the internet.

What about digital marketers and their efforts

On the Facebook business page, you can find an explanation about Apple’s negative impact on FB personalized ads.

Facebook says that Apple’s changes will limit the ability to engage, understand and effectively reach people across the internet and mobile devices. Marketers will not control who will see ads and make the best decisions about the advertising budget, so eventually, the cost per action will increase.

Read between the lines; marketers will struggle to optimize ads and predict the results, and advertising will eventually get more expensive.

What does Apple’s CEO say?

Tim Cook wrote on Twitter that his company believes that users should choose over their data and how it is used. He also said that Facebook would track users across websites and apps like before; only App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14 will require their permission first.

What is Zuckerberg’s answer to Apple changes?

Zuckerberg discussed Instagram Shops, Facebook shops, Facebook’s Marketplace, and Instagram’s new Creator Shops. Facebook is planning to sell more with its applications.

Main key points:

• iPhone users will choose if apps can track them for advertising across the internet 

• If users refuse it, Facebook will undoubtedly lose billions of dollars

• Small businesses and marketers will struggle to define the best advertising strategy

Apple’s changes create uncertainty. Who knows how many iPhone users will allow or refuse Facebook to keep tracking their activity beyond its platform?

Tell us in the comment section – is this change going to impact your small business or your results as a digital marketer, or neither of it?

Mila Z

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