How to verify your Facebook page in 6 easy steps

How to verify your Facebook page in 6 easy steps
November 13, 2021

How to verify your Facebook page in 6 easy steps

Have you seen one of those little blue checkmarks next to someone’s name on Facebook? If you are thinking about how to get one, you are in the right place.

For both establishing and emerging brands, being verified on Facebook is a big deal. It proves you are authoritative since the blue tick isn’t something everyone has.

If you want to reach the elite status customers will appreciate, follow these six easy steps.

Can a regular person get a verified Facebook profile?

In theory, any person can get verified; they need to meet strict criteria to get approved. Your account should be authentic – it has to represent a real person, business, or entity.

It is used by well-known public figures, big brands, and media companies. One person can get verified for only one account. Exceptions to this rule are large brands and accounts that are multilingual.

Why should you verify your Facebook Page?

Has your business achieved a high level of authority? We got a better question – why notverify your Facebook Page?

The most obvious reason for getting a blue checkmark is the credibility and prestige associated with it. When people see your account verified, they will subconsciously acknowledge you are someone successful and established.

The verification badge also proves that people look for you, know who you are and what you do. This can be a great move in your digital marketing strategy too.

Badge puts a clear distinction between the real, official pages and the pages run by fans. Facebook prioritizes profiles that are verified in its search results.

Step 1: Open a contact form

If you want Facebook to verify your account, you’ll need to fill out and submit a request form.

Step 2: The next thing is to choose the verification type – do you want to get a profile or a page verified. You will need a great number of followers to prove you are worthy of the blue badge.


Step 3: Select which page or profile to verify

Select the page you would like to. In case of profile verification, you will have to provide your URL instead. 

Step 4: Select the category for the page or profile

Select the appropriate category for your page. Facebook provides only a few category options. If none of the given are relevant to you or the Page, select “Other.”

Attach appropriate personal or business identification information

The process is different when you are applying for verification for a person or a business.

If you want to verify a personal account, Facebook will require a valid photo ID that shows your name and date of birth. You can provide a photo from your passport, driver’s license, or national identification card.

For accounts representing businesses, organizations you will have to provide:

  • Phone of the organization
  • Certificate of formation
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Tax/tax exemption documents of the organization


Step 6: Explain why you need verification

This is a critical step in receiving a badge, as you must provide a compelling reason for seeking verification.

Here are some sample reasons you can write about:

  • We got many followers across multiple platforms, and there are too many fan accounts. We would like our audience to know instantly that this account is the official one.
  • You can put that your page is of public interest, so you want to share links that can prove your account’s authenticity. 

After sending a request, wait for a decision

Finally, it is time to review all the info you have entered, and when you are ready, click Send.

Then, you got to wait.

What if Facebook rejects your verification?

Meeting the essential Facebook verification criteria does not guarantee you will get a blue badge. Facebook can still reject the application without specifying a reason. 

If this happens, the best thing to do is to reapply for verification after a month. Only make sure you put in the additional effort this time to improve your chances of getting verified.

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