Serbia: Digital marketing trends in 2022

Serbia: Digital marketing trends in 2022
November 8, 2022

Serbia: Digital marketing trends in 2022

Digital marketing trends are changing each year. In 2022, many businesses in Serbia started planning their new marketing strategy. Marketing itself went through the specific changes due to the abolition of the so-called cookies on Google and consumer habits caused by the pandemic.

Further development of industries such as e-commerce will undoubtedly improve digital marketing efforts.

What are the latest trends, biggest game-changers, and primary keys to the digital marketing success of companies in Serbia? 

Pandemic is a game-changer

The pandemic has created a new world of online content, and consumers now have higher expectations.

As the pandemic forces more buyers to purchase online, this trend will be seen and go more deeply through social platforms. For example, Instagram has introduced new shopping features that allow users to buy items without leaving the app.

Numbers are talking the best

Over 55 million dollars were spent on digital advertising in Serbia during the last year. This market grew by 19.5% in one year, placing Serbia in third place in Europe, increasing six times in a decade.

Companies started redirecting their budgets

After the pandemic shock and searching for ways to save money, the importance of online marketing has started to grow again. Companies are redirecting their budgets to other forms of promotion, such as strengthening their communication channels, raising brand awareness, investing in SEO. Also, their budgets are set aside for online video (live video streaming and short video content). 

There is a trend that will stay on the top throughout 2022 – we are talking about the unstoppable dominance of TikTok. This video platform quickly broke records in the number of users and became the leading app for connecting with the right audience.

Cookies withdrawal impact

It will become harder to sell online since Google has announced that Chrome will not support “third-party” cookies anymore in 2022. This is a massive change that will negatively affect the precise prospect targeting.

Investing in online events

Online events such as webinars or product launches are great ways to increase brand awareness. Companies are implementing this tactic, so to collect data from participants directly. This is extremely useful because data makes it easier to create consumer profiles and make a stronger connection. 

Automation is the key

In 2023, there will be more data-driven marketing campaigns in all branches of different industries. Using automation in digital marketing strategy will make it more efficient, and marketing teams will spend less time on repetitive tasks.

This will also allow brands to build a user profile (so-called avatar) and introduce it into the sales funnel system. The universal approach has not yielded results for a long time, and it is high time to focus on different strategies and content about the audience you are addressing.

The dominance of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing will finally become the dominant methodology in Serbia’s digital marketing. Without measurable outcomes, it will no longer be a blind waste of a precious budget.

This trend will continue to rise next year between TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

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