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Programmatic Advertising


AI-powered algorithms

Simply put, programmatic advertising is the use of software to buy digital advertising on publishers’ websites, relying on AI-powered algorithms to determine how your budget will be spent on a highly targeted campaign. This has finally sidestepped the hit and miss nature of traditional speculative advertising, leading to extremely efficient and effective targeting, and deeper insights into user behavior.
Of course, it’s not as simple as just letting the algorithms take over, as success depends on human investment and expertise.
Our marketing team will devise a strategy based on thorough research into target audiences and KPIs, as well as deciding on a whitelist or blacklist approach to specific sites.
We have developed a three-tier complementary approach that encompasses a media buying strategy, the optimization of this strategy, and detailed thorough analysis.

Zentrix DIgital with his partners DSP’suses advanced pixel and floodlight tracking to track users’ on-screen behavior based on them simply viewing an ad, rather than clicking or visiting your website, as well as gaining a detailed insight into conversions, sales and leads. This alignment of powerful AI software and marketing expertise guarantees that programmatic advertising and media buying will be an essential pillar of Zentrix Digital future marketing strategies.


Programmatic Marketing Can Evolve Your Marketing Strategy

Enhance Existing Performance

With programmatic marketing we can drive growth by targeting previously undiscovered audiences. With Zentrix Digital our clients can uncover the most valuable customer insights their preference, lifestyle and buying habits.

Actionable Data

We can filter out irrelevant data from the noise and use actionable data to drive clients marketing campaigns. Since the algorithm runs on AI, the data obtained is automatically tailored to suit your business. Zentrix Digital helps you connect with media inventory which is global in demand. Through us and ours partners DSP’s our clients can reach new customers, spread awareness and drive more sales.

Centralization of Marketing Campaigns

The inefficiency of managing separate campaigns for each market is ruled out with programmatic marketing. All the campaigns can be managed and designed internally at a common center. Through our mobile programmatic and display marketing campaigns we enable clients to focus on more of what they need to maximize accuracy and acquire higher sell-through rate from their inventory.

Transparent Insight

Agencies struggling with optimizing the ad budget can use the granular level data insights to run the marketing campaigns. Programmatic marketing automatically manages bids in real time to gain maximum benefit.

Let our Programmatic team take You and your brand to the Zen Zone.

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