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I was born and raised in Belgrade, where I finished high school and University. My Parents, also engineers, raised my younger sister and me traditionally.

I had the privilege to start working very young with my father, who was a first official Serbian Entrepreneur.

After graduating from High school and during University studies, my father was the one who has introduced me to business activities at all levels. Those times in Serbia were challenging – economic crisis, full of anxiety and uncertainty – but they have taught me great lessons and made me a person who always strives for higher goals.


“It is in the roots, not the branches, that atree’s greatest strength lies” – Matshona Dhliwayo, author

This quote embodies our approach.
Zentrix Digital experienced professionals strive to challenge the usual business norms with agile thinking that leads to remarkable outcomes. From our experience, every successful campaign has strong strategic roots. Every campaign delivered is as if it was our own.

I have developed strong business and professional skills in different areas – from Consulting, Strategic Management, Real Estate to Digital and Data-Driven Marketing. Participation in international investment Projects, development and selling strategies and international fairs constantly led me to the marketing area.

After almost two decades in other business, I have decided to enter the ocean of Digital and Data-Driven Marketing.

Several months of careful planning and Market studying with a young but highly experienced team in digital marketing lead us to establish Zentrix digital. We gather all our knowledge, skills and contacts and implement it in the new company.

I have always envisioned creating a fantastic and enthusiastic team with the best performances to help businesses grow.

Today the competition is stronger than ever, so it was a big step getting into the sea full of digital marketing agencies. However, collaboration with skilled digital marketing experts kept Zentrix Digital on the right track, guaranteeing high-quality output and flawless operations.

Meeting customers where they are, not where we want them to be, listening carefully to their needs, we create campaigns that speak their language. 

With effective and proven marketing services, we take all the care of your business needs to remain competitive in the present and the future.

Our digital marketing services apply to every company that has any marketing needs. We’ve devised strategies to allow us to reach out to 4 different market segments:

  • NGO’s

Zentrix’s mission is to make your brand visible, customers happy, and increase your profit.

Let’s dive into a new era of development and grow together.

“There is a great strategy behind every conversion.”

Miodrag Miki Petrović, Zentrix CEO and Shareholder

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