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August 17, 2023

Instagram updates: How to take advantage of new features

Instagram has been testing a new algorithm and changed (again) the way we consume content on their platform. This is not the first or the last update, so we can’t say it is surprising. You have probably noticed your feed is looking different. Currently, some of the most popular search terms on Google are –

May 5, 2023

Facebook and Instagram will charge for a blue check soon

We all know how quick and easy it is to create an account on social media, but it can be challenging to determine if the people you follow are genuinely who they say they are.  If you plan to become one of those businesses or people with a verified account, check out the latest news

October 18, 2022

Tips for writing amazing Instagram captions

Instagram has always been all about visuals, or has it? The quality of photos will surely make the difference in getting new followers and making them interested in your brand, but only with compelling captions will you create more engagement and break through Instagram’s algorithm.  The strong copy will shape your brand’s story and help

June 27, 2021

8 ways to optimize your Instagram hashtags

It was October 2007 when Nate Ridder, from San Diego, started sharing posts with the hashtag #sandiegofire. He wanted to inform people about wildfires in the area. The hashtag is 14 years old, and so far, it became a social media phenomenon. It is now hard to find a social media post without a hashtag, especially on

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