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February 27, 2023

Instagram is ending live shopping option

With a billion active users and an engagement almost 60% higher than Facebook’s, Instagram has found a way to increase customer engagement with its new e-commerce feature – Instagram Live Shopping. This was big news in early 2020 when the feature was introduced to Instagram users, today, Instagram live shopping is not only “old” news

January 30, 2023

Complete guide: Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook ads

Over 1.5 billion people are daily active users on Facebook, and there are around 80 million business pages on this platform. Facebook is still the king, according to all social media statistics. But the most important fact is that 25% of users who clicked on ads actually made a purchase, making Facebook ads an essential

January 13, 2023

Guide to get started with Social media analytics

Your company has a product to sell, so potential buyers might be looking for a reason to purchase from you or your competitors on social media. Every business owner needs analytics to determine how social media affects sales and growth. Analytics help businesses understand their pros and cons and bring a clear picture of how

October 18, 2022

Tips for writing amazing Instagram captions

Instagram has always been all about visuals, or has it? The quality of photos will surely make the difference in getting new followers and making them interested in your brand, but only with compelling captions will you create more engagement and break through Instagram’s algorithm.  The strong copy will shape your brand’s story and help

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