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October 18, 2022

Tips for writing amazing Instagram captions

Instagram has always been all about visuals, or has it? The quality of photos will surely make the difference in getting new followers and making them interested in your brand, but only with compelling captions will you create more engagement and break through Instagram’s algorithm.  The strong copy will shape your brand’s story and help

September 16, 2022

New LinkedIn features that will help you stand out

  To compete and keep up with the ever-evolving social media world is a never-ending job. This year is particular for LinkedIn, as this platform has constantly updated its features. Updating its platform Linkedin is making networking connections more accessible and easier than ever. Check out some of the best new LinkedIn features to improve

September 12, 2022

TikTok Tests a New ‘Nearby’ Content Feed

TikTok has recently announced that it is experimenting with a new ‘Nearby’ content feed. This trendy platform currently has two different feeds available to users.  While the main feed, “For You,” is a mix of content and suggestions from accounts you follow, the other “Following” feed focuses on videos from friends. The great news is

September 5, 2022

Instagram updates: How to take advantage of new features

Instagram has been testing a new algorithm and changed (again) the way we consume content on their platform. This is not the first or the last update, so we can’t say it is surprising. You have probably noticed your feed is looking different. Currently, some of the most popular search terms on Google are –

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