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April 25, 2024

How to use Instagram direct messages to grow your Email List

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, cultivating and maintaining an email list stands as a fundamental tactic for businesses aiming to forge meaningful connections with their audience. Although social media platforms like Instagram are renowned for their visually appealing content and interactive features, they harbor untapped potential for expanding your email subscriber base. Amidst these platforms,

November 3, 2023

YouTube shorts – check out these six new features

You have seen them many times, probably not knowing they have a name. Over 2 billion logged-in users have viewed YouTube Shorts a month. Given its sharp rise in popularity, it’s little surprise that Google is doing its best to improve the YouTube Shorts experience.  YouTube Shorts allows visitors to create videos up to one

August 31, 2023

Twitter is now X: What does it actually mean?

Twitter, the social media platform known for its short messages called “tweets,” got its name from a combination of words reflecting its core concept.  The name “Twitter” was suggested by one of the co-founders, Jack Dorsey, who wanted a word that conveyed the idea of short bursts of information being shared rapidly, much like birds

August 17, 2023

Instagram updates: How to take advantage of new features

Instagram has been testing a new algorithm and changed (again) the way we consume content on their platform. This is not the first or the last update, so we can’t say it is surprising. You have probably noticed your feed is looking different. Currently, some of the most popular search terms on Google are –

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