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September 30, 2022

Meta Brings Ads Automation to Small Businesses

On August 10th Meta introduced new Artificial intelligence and automation tools to help advertisers get more out of their ad spend. Small businesses can now use Advantage+ advertising technologies to create an ad through a Facebook page and maximize the performance of the ads. Advantage+ is Meta’s most advanced AI, which can now be used

August 24, 2022

SEO Keyword research biggest mistakes you need to avoid

SEO Keyword research biggest mistakes you need to avoid There is no such thing as talking about SEO but not mentioning keyword research. Although everybody knows its importance, there are great chances of making some widespread mistakes. Forgetting some of the basic rules often happens when analyzing keywords. Therefore, achieving the expected goals, such as

January 3, 2022

8 most popular SERP features

Have you heard of SERP features? Those are the special boxes Google adds to organic results to simplify the search.  Are they essential for your business? The answer is yes. Ranking for SERP Features willboost traffic to your website and CTRs and allow people to quickly find relevant information they were searching for.  We will list

December 19, 2021

How to optimize landing pages for SEO

You have probably already heard of SEO for websites, but did you know that you can optimize it when creating a landing page as well? People optimize their websites to increase organic search traffic, one of the best and cheapest ways to attract the target audience. You can optimize your landing page too. When someone

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