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March 8, 2022

Effective ways to add FOMO to your marketing strategy

The word FOMO or “Fear of Missing Out” describes the best anxiety consumers feel when excluded from a new experience or a social event.  Does FOMO in Marketing mean the same? Psychologists became more aware of FOMO thanks to the influence of social media on our modern lifestyles. A recent research study confirms that 3/4

February 24, 2022

10 Digital Marketing Terms to Know for 2022

New marketing trends show up every year and provide marketers with innovative ways to improve marketing programs. This year would be no different. There will be at least ten new digital marketing that will impact 2022. Check out our list and tell us whether you would add anything else in the comment. Digital Marketing Terms

January 19, 2022

Most popular TikTokers in Serbia

TikTok recently passed one billion monthly users. What a remarkable number for a platform launched three years ago that has been examined closely by governments worried about the data collection. TikTok’s popularity took off during the pandemic, becoming the most-downloaded app in the whole world in the 2020 first quarter.  Tik Tok in Serbia Tik

December 29, 2021

Top digital marketing trends not to ignore in 2022

Digital marketing trends change every year. Many businesses are planning their marketing strategy for 2022. Marketing itself will undergo specific changes due to the abolition of the so-called cookies on Google and consumer habits caused by the pandemic. And not only that – the consumer’s attention today is being pulled in too many directions. As

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