Meta Brings Ads Automation to Small Businesses

Meta Brings Ads Automation to Small Businesses
September 30, 2022

Meta Brings Ads Automation to Small Businesses

On August 10th Meta introduced new Artificial intelligence and automation tools to help advertisers get more out of their ad spend.

Small businesses can now use Advantage+ advertising technologies to create an ad through a Facebook page and maximize the performance of the ads. Advantage+ is Meta’s most advanced AI, which can now be used when running single ads.

Additionally, Facebook is upgrading Advantage+ with new capabilities for app campaigns, shopping campaigns, and more.

Let’s go a step back first

We all remember the big news from September 2021.Apple updated iOS 14.5 and made massive changes that created issues for advertisers who relied on Facebook to run their businesses successfully. 

The updates were significant for iPhone users, but marketers started struggling. 

Specifically, the iOS 14 update negatively impacted ads in crucial areas – optimization, targeting, and reporting.

Advertisers used to rely on Facebook pixel conversion metrics like CPA and ROAS to determine the success of campaigns. 

An advertising strategy that was highly dependent on retargeting website visitor advertising strategy was hugely dependenthas seen a severe performance decrease. 

As a result, the cost of advertising has grown, and business owners have started spending less money on ads. 

What is Meta Advantage+ for Small Business Ads?

When Apple let users block trackers, Facebook hit the wall with its targeting capabilities. As Facebook ad revenue growth started to slow down, they came up with a new plan.

An advantage audience allows small businesses to target ads to relevant people effectively. 

Using Advantage+ creative will automatically adjust ads for every person who sees them. Facebook will show users the ad version they react the most to.

So the whole process will guide users to where they are more likely to convert. 

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

With over 50%of consumers who want to find products and brands they have never heard about, Meta decided to roll out Advantage+ shopping campaigns and eliminate time-intensive manual steps.

Meta Advantage+ will help marketers who run shopping campaigns learn what works faster.

Facebook Advantage+ generates up to 150 creative combinations at once using AI.

Running multiple versions of an ad at once will help advertisers identify what is converting much more quickly. 

Using this data, marketers can make more effective use of their budgets.

Advantage+ app campaigns got updates such as more creative flexibility, split testing capabilities, 7-day click attribution, and more granular reporting insights.

Bringing Automation to Small Businesses

Small businesses will also have an option to use Advantage audience and Advantage+ creative to create ads via their Facebook Page. These tools will help them save time and spend less dollars to learn which ad is giving the best results.

  • Advantage+ creative will adjusts ad creative for every person who views your ad automatically.
  • Advantage audience will use Facebook Page details to make a personalized audience and automatically adjust it over time to help the business reach more relevant people with your ad.
  • Advantage+ App Campaigns: Meta has also added several new features to Advantage+ App Campaigns. This way, Facebook is planning to help advertisers increase the performance of app install campaigns.

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