Digital marketing stats in Serbia: Why you should invest money in internet marketing

Digital marketing stats in Serbia: Why you should invest money in internet marketing
November 5, 2021

Digital marketing stats in Serbia: Why you should invest money in internet marketing

Promoting online business and connecting with the right audiences are the basis of what we today call digital marketing. We draw the user’s attention using the advantages of the internet and internet marketing through various promotional activities.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving both in the world and in Serbia. Experts are continually looking for new ways to attract customers with creative content on social networks. The key to running a profit-making business is to keep up with the latest trends and rapidly change strategies.

Every time you see a banner or a sponsored post pops up on your Facebook, every time you are interrupted while watching a video on YouTube, it is all about digital marketing. Our senses are so accustomed to online ads for products and services that we barely notice them. This is why classic promotion methods are “dying,” and online marketing is at its peak.

Today we are talking about necessary statistical insights into digital marketing in Serbia to give you a clear picture of how much it can improve your business.

Digital marketing activities in Serbia

Social media Serbia – vital stats

In January 2021, 6.89 million internet users were registered in Serbia. That number increased by 321.000 people (+ 4.9%) between 2020 and 2021.

The average number of users in Serbia likes 17 posts on Facebook per month and leaves three comments. At the same time, people click on 25 ads. An interesting fact is that less than a quarter of users buys and pays by card.

Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook

In April 2021. there were 983.000 LinkedIn users in Serbia, almost a million. People aged 25 to 34 create the largest users group with a total number of 630.000 people.

According to statistics, there were 2.593.000 Instagram users in Serbia in April too. This means that the third of the population in Serbia is actively using Instagram. Women make the majority, and the highest difference between women and men occurs within people aged 35 to 44.

Facebook is the most popular, with over 4.000.000 users in June 2021. People aged 25 to 34 make the largest group of users (1 210 000).

Last year, companies in Serbia spent 65.79 million dollars on internet marketing and PPC campaigns, 6.2% more than in the previous year.

• 9.89 million dollars on advertising through Google

• 22.54 million dollars on social media advertising

• 14.05 million per banner ad

• 10.9 million on video ads

There is no question whether you should invest in internet marketing

As we can conclude, social network advertisements are in the first place in terms of their total value, which is why we can notice that global trends have reached our market.

Each segment of the online campaign is only part of one extensive system. Although these are particular segments at first glance, the results are visible only if they are well synchronized.

As a business owner, the best thing is to hire a digital marketing agency, let the experts use all the components wisely, and decide on a case-by-case basis.

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