Complete guide: Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook ads

Complete guide: Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook ads
January 30, 2023

Complete guide: Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook ads

Over 1.5 billion people are daily active users on Facebook, and there are around 80 million business pages on this platform. Facebook is still the king, according to all social media statistics.

But the most important fact is that 25% of users who clicked on ads actually made a purchase, making Facebook ads an essential part of growing an online business.

Facebook marketing became the preferred way to promote businesses. If you have been wondering if Facebook ads could be a vital part of your digital marketing strategy, you will have to make sure you are doing things right.

Some ads are successful, some of them fail. Check out which do’s and don’ts you are not already implementing when creating ads.

Facebook ads – Do’s

Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) 

Concise call to action such as “Learn more”, “Visit the website”, “Shop now” at the end of your post description tells the audience at first glance about your product, and it helps them make faster decisions. 

You can also include clear CTA as your ad button and attract more people to click and start following your page or increase engagement.

Set the right budget

If the campaign is not doing well, spending too much money on it is easy. Make sure you strike the balance of setting the limit to your budget and pay only the amount you can afford for the results and reach you expect. 

Know your target audience

Who will be interested the most in your product – Millennials, Generation Z, or maybe retired people?

Where do they live? What are their habits and interests? Are they vegans or pet owners?

Before starting an ad, it is crucial to research your target audience and be sure about the kind of ad they would like to see. Only after defining the target audience will you be able to create an efficient ad. 

Use Quality Graphics

Facebook feed is full of posts and ads. This means you only have 5 seconds or even less to capture the viewer’s attention. To do that, you need to use eye-catching videos and images that will make them stop and consider your offer.

With clean, high-quality graphics that are fun and easy to understand you cannot make a mistake. Does this sound a bit difficult? It certainly isn’t easy, but it is worth all the effort.

Facebook ads – Don’ts

Don’t make things Complicated


With a short amount of time to draw viewers’ attention, your paid Facebook ad must not be confusing or overwhelming. Ads should be short and straight to the point – something followers can comprehend within a few seconds.

Don’t forget about mobile users

Did you know that mobile visitors to your page are more than approximately three times of people who viewed it on desktop? Not only that, but your landing page also needs to be responsive. While creating a Facebook ad, ensure you have enabled the mobile option for your ad placements.


Don’t Forget your Facebook Pixel


The Facebook Pixel, that small piece of code you place on your site to track visitors’ behaviors, characteristics, and actions, is something you cannot ignore or forget about. 

Facebook pixel data will ensure your ads will be seen by the people who are most likely to take the desired action. This will improve your Facebook ads conversion rate and get a better return on investment (ROI). 

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