Guide to get started with Social media analytics

Guide to get started with Social media analytics
January 13, 2023

Guide to get started with Social media analytics

Your company has a product to sell, so potential buyers might be looking for a reason to purchase from you or your competitors on social media.

Every business owner needs analytics to determine how social media affects sales and growth.

Analytics help businesses understand their pros and cons and bring a clear picture of how customers feel about their services and products.


What Is Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics brings marketers valuable data so they can use it to measure audience engagement. Social media answers different questions, such as how well a specific campaign performs or what social network is the best for driving the most traffic.  

In short Social media, analytics helps your brand achieve goals by enabling marketers to spot trends in consumers’ behavior that can influence the success of their marketing efforts.

The Most Important Metrics

For businesses investing in advertising, platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer social media analytics that shows which type of ads generate the biggest number of likes, impressions, and traffic to your website.

Using these analytics, you can monitor how your audience has grown over time, how many followers have seen your content, and how many of them react and engage.

Marketers can analyze post or ad performance from various social platforms – such as Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram and determine which messaging resonates best with a target audience.


Instagram users with a business account can check on insights about their audience and content within the platform. Detailed information and metrics will tell you more about the number of Instagram accounts you have reached and top content by impressions and activity. 

You can also get data about the total number of followers and unfollows over a specific timeframe. Analytics will reveal audience demographics such as age, gender, and location.

You will also find out when your audience is active the most.

Tik Tok

On the TikTok platform, you can access analytics under creator tools. Detailed metrics will include Engagement – video views, likes, comments, profile views, and shares over a specific timeframe. You may also follow audience growth rate, demographics, and activity during hours of the day.

Facebook Insights

Facebook offers numerous insights for Pages and Ads.

Facebook Page Insights provides data about your Page’s audience growth, demographics, and post engagement. Detailed information for your business Page includes Post reach, reactions, shares, engagement, comments, and link clicks. You can also check out the number of New followers and unfollows, 

Meta Ads Manager shares valuable data about your ad campaigns. Metrics include results based on the campaign objective, reach, number of clicks, impressions, cost per result, and amount of money spent.

You can track post reactions, saves and shares, Page likes, link clicks, and cost per link click.

Analyzing social media data will provide insights not only into product strategy but into the buyer’s journey and brand online reputation. It is not about the numbers but how businesses should use them to improve sales and improve business growth.

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