How can you tell you are ready to hire a marketing agency?

How can you tell you are ready to hire a marketing agency?
July 17, 2021

How can you tell you are ready to hire a marketing agency?

If you own a small to medium-sized business, we are not talking about your job. We are talking about your labor of love.

You’ve invested so much of yourself in it, that being under stress and feeling overwhelmed comes naturally to you.

For most of the owners, not taking extra responsibility seems like a waste of money and time. Even when it comes to delegating tasks to employees, it feels like they’ll do it much faster and better.

That’s ok. You have to be able to wear many hats while building your business from the ground up. However, in the long term, it will affect not only your well-being but your company as well. You won’t be able to grow. Because you have only 24h a day.

So how can you tell if you should hire a marketing agency?

Let’s answer it right away – If you feel like the burden of running your business is on your shoulders alone, and you struggle to find time to focus on sustaining and growing it – it’s ok to ask for help.

Here’s how you can benefit from outsourcing your marketing efforts:

  1. You’ll tap on specialists’ knowledge.

If you’ve been in business for more than 5 minutes, you already have to know something about marketing. It’s essential for your business to be able to attract clients and customers. You are maybe even a marketing expert, but with all the responsibilities you have, it’s near to impossible to keep up with all the changes in technology and marketing itself.

A marketing agency (such as Zentrix Digital) has specialists in different areas, because marketing is a truly complex field, and no one can know it all.

SEO, PPC, Social Media, Copywriting experts – they are all focused on mastering their craft, and by combining their expertise, you get a golden ticket to growth.

Even if you decide to hire a marketing specialist, he/she won’t be able to cover all of these aspects at the same time.

  • You’ll save money

Even though we are operating mostly with technology, marketing is not something that comes with 0 costs.

There are multiple (expensive) tools that we are using, and without a marketing agency, you’d have to pay for all of them. Those tools only would be twice as expensive as hiring a marketing agency.

  • You’ll finally be able to grow and support your ambitions

There’s no worse feeling than feeling trapped. You have goals and even ways to achieve them, but you don’t have time, nor energy. You can’t focus on hundreds of things at once, so eventually, you have to choose between running your business or growing it.

With a team of marketing experts, you’ll be able to grow your business.

When are you big enough to have your own marketing team?

Probably not the answer you hoped for, but – it depends.

The bigger you become, the more responsibilities you will have. After cooperating with multiple enterprises, we realized that all of them have their in-house marketing teams, and yet, all of them hire marketing agencies.

There’s a logic behind it, creating a campaign is time and energy-consuming, and they want their in-house marketing teams to focus on other things.

If you feel like you are ready to grow and develop your business, let’s schedule a call and discuss it.

And if you still think you are handling all the responsibilities well, you can share this article with your friends business owners who might need help.

Stay well and successful!

Romana J

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