TikTok Tests a New ‘Nearby’ Content Feed

TikTok Tests a New ‘Nearby’ Content Feed
September 12, 2022

TikTok Tests a New ‘Nearby’ Content Feed

TikTok has recently announced that it is experimenting with a new ‘Nearby’ content feed.

This trendy platform currently has two different feeds available to users. 

While the main feed, “For You,” is a mix of content and suggestions from accounts you follow, the other “Following” feed focuses on videos from friends. The great news is that users will soon be able to access a third feed called “Nearby.”

Hard times for Google

Things just got more complicated for Google.

Google exec acknowledged last month that TikTok and Instagram aren’t only cutting into its video views and seriously impacting its Search and Maps traffic.

According to stats, around 40% of Gen Z prefers to use Instagram and TikTok as search engines over Google.

An unusual twist

In this unusual twist, TikTok is copying (for the first time) other social media platforms which already have location-specific content features. But TikTok’s highly targeted content will make geolocation features especially effective.

When combined with TikTok’s robust algorithm, location-based recommendations will allow the platform to add another layer of personalization to its users’ feeds.

Not only the Nearby feed, but TikTok is also testing a “Shop” feed in Indonesia. This feed will allow users to browse and buy various products.

More about the “Nearby” feature

A TikTok spokesperson explained location tags would roll out gradually to their users. They also said they still don’t know if the Nearby feed will only display videos where users manually used location tags or if it will aggregate content through other means.

The “Nearby” feed is placed next to the “Following” and “For You” feeds at the top of the Tik Toks home page. Users only need to click “Nearby” to access the local feed.

Some TikTokers already have geolocation tags. On some videos, a location tag can be seen above the username.

Location-specific content opens up opportunities

New opportunities will also open up with major advertising partners thanks to location-specific content. Not long ago, TikTok made a deal with Ticketmaster that allows users to buy event tickets without leaving the application. In March, Uber also tried to run into local advertising with a similar feature.

TikTok has been oriented toward social commerce and in-app purchases for some time, and now new tools can be applied to businesses with access to users.

TikTok and Instagram are competing with Snapchat

Launching the “Nearby” feed, TikTok is trying to catch up with Snapchat. Snapchat already offers a similar feature so users can explore a map with content shared nearby. And not only Snapchat but Instagram has also launched a similar feature in its app. Instagram users can discover new places based on other people’s content.

How to get the Neary feed_

At the moment, only people located in South East Asia have access to the new feature as the test is under a limited scope. Other Users will have to wait until TikTok expands the testing to more users. 

In the meantime, you may join the beta program of the TikTok app to be allowed to try out new features.

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