PPC vs. SEO: When to optimize and when to pay for traffic

PPC vs. SEO: When to optimize and when to pay for traffic
November 26, 2021

PPC vs. SEO: When to optimize and when to pay for traffic

There are different ways in digital marketing to bring users to your website. The two most common are search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC campaign).

Although you have several ways to drive traffic to your website, none is as effective as SEO and PPC.

With so many opposite opinions and tips, many site owners can feel confused. Torn between a focus on SEO and PPC, business owners want to be sure about the better approach. The competition may be doing SEO better, but they read somewhere that PPC is better.

Is one digital of these two strategies significantly better than another?

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, attracts relevant organic traffic to your website through search engines. Depending on your industry and competition, it takes a long time to see good SEO results.

There is another thing – when people say they are first on Google, they think they are first in organic search.

You’ve probably noticed that Google displays ads in front of SEO (organic) results. It can display a maximum of four so that the first organic result comes fifth on the list.

Some companies spend large amounts of money each month to improve their rankings, but is it really worth it?

What is Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)?

PPC generally covers all types of paid online advertising on different platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Pay-per-click marketing, also known as PPC, delivers instant results and attracts visitors who enter relevant keywords into search engines to your site. You can create and run a PPC campaign and watch visitors come to your website in only a few minutes.

It is possible to create a campaign quickly, but nobody promises the results will be good.

SEO vs. PPC conclusion

Now you know more about both strategies and their benefits.

SEO is excellent for a long-term strategy of attracting organic traffic (you don’t pay every time someone clicks on your site). This strategy brings the best results when focusing on your main page and key product pages.

PPC is a great short-term way to drive traffic to your website. If you are launching a new product or the season is starting, a PPC campaign is a perfect solution to get an extra influx of visitors.

Which marketing strategy is better?

The two strategies are not mutually exclusive; why deal only with SEO or PPC when you can take advantage of the synergy of both marketing strategies for your website?

SEO is great if you want to develop long-term traffic, but it can take several months before you start to see results. On the other hand, PPC is great for short-term results, but it costs more money.

By using SEO for your main website and PPC for individual landing pages, you can get the best of both worlds. A

Also, if you are starting your business, you may want to invest in PPC to gain the first few clients and later invest in SEO in the long run.

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